Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Costume Craze

It's not even Halloween and there are a few costumes that I've seen that are topping the charts.
(p.s. i'm still not set on a costume - still have some ideas floating around, but would take suggestions!)

So this one is from last year, but I think it was super creative.
Autumn and Ryan went as Facebook profiles:
Autumn: Emo Girl who was interested in expressing her feelings and freeing Tibet.
Ryan: Drunk Sorority Girl from WSU - playing on every stereotype possible.
(ironically, someone spilled on this lovely profile and caused some smearage, but it kind of made it authentic.

I read this blog sometimes and I think this is so cute! Such a great family costume idea. Check it out - there are even more pictures on the blog.

(p.s. the baby's name is actually Oscar! and he's super cute...)

Jessie's dog, Birdie, is going as a banana!
I got a sneak peak and had to snap a pic with my cell phone.
(I think my mom's puppies have their own little costumes as well...My mom loves Halloween. Like loves, loves.)

I snagged this one off of Facebook.
As you can see, Kenny is very comfortable with his sexuality.
If you're not familiar, it's based on Beyonce's Single Ladies music video,
but the more entertaining Justin Timberlake spoof can be watched here.
(watch it. it's a must.)

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