Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Too Dirty, Even for College

My alma mater, the University of Washington, uses coal for energy. So, I love my school, but coal's not cool. It's dirty. We're [i.e. my work] helping with a campaign to stop the use of coal by big colleges - check it out.

It's just a little surprising really. Since Seattle/Washington/UW is usually uber-environmentally friendly, I don't know why they would let this slide.

More info from the petition letter - sign it!:

Coal is one of the most dangerous and dirty energy sources today, not just because it pollutes communities or is the leading contributor to global warming, but because coal is holding us back from building a clean, secure energy future.

Our nation needs to take the lead and shift to a clean-energy economy, one powered by renewable energies like wind and solar and the jobs those clean industries create—not dirty coal. And it can all start on campus by acting now to move beyond coal and power our schools with 100 percent clean-energy solutions.

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