Sunday, October 4, 2009

We didn't die!

Though at times, I thought I might have, I survived the 13.1 miles.

Autumn, Maddie and I successfully completed the Leavenworth Oktoberfest Half Marathon on Saturday and let me tell you, 2 mile ascents are rough! Actually, overall very hilly terrain is no easy feat. But aside from that, the course was beautiful! It passed by crystal clear rivers, adorable cottages and through the woods on trails. I would highly recommend the race for anyone who might be thinking about a half in their future.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, I was visited with the little flu bug on Friday which nearly brought me to tears because I had been training for sooo long! Luckily, come Saturday morning, I was feeling well enough to run, but definitely not at 100%. Even if I added 12 minutes to my last time, I'm extremely happy because, well, I didn't even know if I'd be able to race!

Autumn had a similar story. She came down with a bad case of the flu earlier in the week, but pushed through the pain like a rock star.

Maddie, in general, is just a bad ass and rocked the race.

Now I am going to take a little hiatus from running. Start up yoga again and throw in a little hip hop class or two. I think mixing it up a bit will be refreshing.

Maddie, Erika and Autumn
{good job ladies; we did it again!}


  1. you know what did die? my ipod. it got washed in my tshirt! should've known if I left it on the floor my mom would stick it in the laundry to be nice :)

  2. Good Job ladies!!!
    Sad day about the Ipod Autumn.

  3. RIP: Autumn's iPod, 2008-2009.

    You will be sincerely missed, especially on 13 miles runs.


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