Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still Proud

To be a Husky, even if we got our butts kicked last Saturday. It was not pretty. Not pretty at all. (I will admit I did like the throwback Duck Hunt imagery on the HuskyTron - they probably didn't expect this though.)

Overall, the experience was a lot of fun, involving:
  • Tailgating starting at 10am, complete with mimosas.
  • A fun visit from Miss Karen. She made the trek up from Corvalis again.
  • As Lianna said, "watching a man ruin his life in front of everyone" - some drunk guy tried to hit a couple police and even spit on them. They didn't take to it kindly and the female cop gave him a wedgie as she pulled him away from the the bleachers. Then they threw him on the ground and pulled out the taser because he kept acting up. One too many mimosas for Mr. Drunky. (At that point, it was more entertaining then the game.)
  • A post-game dinner at Varlamos where we were a table away from Governor Gregoire. It took everything in me to not bug her and request a picture. I like good ol' Chris.
  • A post-dinner outing to the one and only, Earl's on the Ave. It was Hi-I'm-crazy-so-I'm-going-to-hit-on-you-even-if-you're-taken night. Seriously. Even Ry Ry was asked while sitting by Autumn, "So where do you see her in your future?" Really.I forgot how sketchy some of the ave bars are, but they still can be entertaining!


husky stadium

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