Thursday, January 7, 2010

The roller coaster of 2k10

So New Years Eve was fun. A little homemade dinner action, some Wii and then a par-tay on Dexter with a perfect view of the Space Needle.

Here's Maddie and I ready to dance the night away.
(This is the dress that can be worn like 30 different ways. It's amazing.)

Joe and I taking a break from the dancefest.

Taking a breather on the deck with the NYE crew.

Then New Years Day hit. My sister was involved in a serious car accident, but things will be ok. It's been quite the week, but we're so very lucky to have so much support from our friends and family. I was going to keep this under the radar, but figured there was no sense in that. I've been "blogging" updates on her condition on a CaringBridge website my aunt set-up. We're on the road to recovery!

Ok, now really, go hug your sister/brother. Do it. That's an order.

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