Thursday, September 3, 2009

A blast from the past

I just remembered this awesome interaction between my former roomie, Holden, and a stranger. I don't know why it's taken it this long to share with you all. Here is his "note" from facebook:

Last night I was sitting in my Legal and Regulatory class minding my own business and struggling to pay attention when all of a sudden I receive a text from a number I've never seen before. Here is what ensues:

Breanna: Hey its breanna. You have been calling or texting my old number. I am coming to your shower! [smiley emoticon]

Holden: You must be mistaken. I'm not having a shower.

B: Who is this lol.

H: Who the hell is this? Why wasn't I invited to this shower?

B: Who is this? You were texting my old phone.

H: That's completely unture. You're a liar.

B: Okay whatever

(Erika note: This is when Holden decides to make the most of this situation)

H: Just kidding with you. I'll see you at the shower. [smiley emoticon]

B: So rude! Thought you were serious

H: Haha, can't wait to see you [kissy emoticon]

B: I Know! Its gonna be fun

H: The baby is going to be beautiful

B: I Know! I cant wait to see her. Ill be a free baby sitter anytime!

H: You might need to breast feed her too

B: Ha ha ha when your done breast feeding her

H: I'm seriously looking for a surrogate breast feeder. Interviews will be tomorrow.

B: Oh whatever

H: Anyways, love ya and see you soon. Ta ta.

I have no idea who the hell this Breanna is. I guess she'll be showing up unannounced to a baby shower though...

[Update: tonight!]B: Hey what time is your baby shower? Cuz I just remembered i have to work saturday three to nine [sad emoticon]

H: Hey sweety pie. It's at three [sad emoticon]. That's too bad [sad emoticon]. Let's lunch this week.

B: That sucks! I wanted to go! Ill still spoil the baby. Tho lol

H: The baby can't wait to meet her godmother!!! [smiley emoticon]

B: Who is her god mother

H: You!! [smiley emoticon]

B: Are you serious

H: I couldn't wait to tell you [kissey emoticon]

B: You being dead serious

H: It was between you and sarah. You win!!

(Erika note: I suggested he say Sarah! Who doesn't have a friend named Sarah?!)

B: Who is sara

H: My cousin, silly!

B: This is not even bri nice try. I just her number from my friend. Who ever this is grow up.

H: You're silly [kissey emoticon]

The end.

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