Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm literally obsessed

With cupcakes still!

I just had another craving and I remembered that McCormick's downstairs had some the other day, so I called them up. Guess what? They had them again today!

Kathryn so graciously offered to share one with me because, well, this probably isn't the best habit for my waistline. Oh well. I'm running to make up for it.

It's been quite a busy day around here, so I also got one for my boss. I think she's very excited. I have a sneaky suspicion that she is quite a cupcake connoisseur herself.

I also want to make these. Geez, I have quite the sweet tooth lately!


  1. Did you know that Cupcake Royale has huckleberry cupcakes right now? I've been dying to try one! The Capitol Hill CR is really close to my office.

  2. That sounds amazing! I might have to plan a trip to CR and see what this flavor is all about!

  3. I had the huckleberry cupcake at our last office gathering...sooo good!


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