Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Update

It was splendid.

Friday: Cleaned house at poker... despite having the smallest chip stack at one point in the game. Then, visited a friend and watched Californication with a tasty glass of Malbec. Funny show on Showtime. David Duchovny is a funny guy.

Saturday: Slept in. Did a little of nothing. Then went on a quick pit stop at Northgate with Maddie. I was on a hunt for something, but didn't find it.

Then, we ran by Thai Ocean (oh, how I miss you...) for some din din before heading to the 304 to watch the Huskies. It was a sad game, but I am not losing faith! It's still a much better season than I would have ever expected!

At night, we headed over to Oliver's Twist in Phinney to surprise Chrissy for her birthday! It was fun. I had a delicious French 75. I highly recommend it.

Sunday: Slept in again. Amazing. Talked on the phone with my mom for awhile. Made myself a little brunch. Watched a little Elf (note: it's never too early for Elf). Took an afternoon nap. Finally, I geared myself up for our 11 mile run. We actually did quite well! I think I'm ready for the big 13.1 this weekend. Well, I hope so.

Overall, great weekend! And now I have a rather exciting weekend ahead... Hope this week goes by quickly!

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