Friday, September 11, 2009

Goal Accomplished

This week I set out to use alternative forms of transportation all week. Despite the fact that I had no other option, I still feel like I accomplished something.

Monday: I ran. In a big giant loop. The tour de hoods. So technically, I wasn't going anywhere, but it is an alternate form of transportation, right?

Tuesday: Bus. And carpool with Maddie to kickball.

Wednesday: Bus. And carpool with Scott home. Then ran again with Autumn.

Thursday: Bike. Wait, never mind. I attempted to bike. Packed my bag with my work clothes, had on workout clothes, strapped on my helmet and pedaled away. For 2 feet. Flat tire. Seriously?! Too bad my bus was already long gone. So Plan C, make desperate call to Olita for a ride. Hooray! And hooray again for ride home from Scott again!

I mixed it up and walked to Autumn's birthday party. A good 25 blocks. Good thing James drove me home; walking in the daylight - fine. Late and dark - not so fine.

Friday: Bus. Almost walking again. I was headed down to my bus stop and I see the bus sailing past me a street away. Crap! I start running full-speed across 8th (which is rather trafficky) and toward the bus. It starts going and I have a moment of defeat. BUT, my friends, some bus patron must have seen my frazzled attempt to catch it and asked the driver to stop. Thank you, friendly bus rider. And to my friendly bus driver, you have a splendid weekend as well!

This evening, carpooling with Kathryn.

Thanks for the rides everyone! And Susie, thanks for offering your dad's mechanic services!

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