Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Goal Project

So I've decided that I am going to set a weekly goal. Not necessarily a daunting task of sorts, but something that I can tangibly achieve by Sunday at sunset.

I've always been a planner/to-do list/goal-setting kind of gal and I think this would add some excitement and challenge to those sometimes mundane weeks. (As a matter of fact, Carol recently posted about these lovely lists and I'm thinking I might have to get my hands on these.)

So if you have any ideas of goals and/or challenges, send 'em my way! I'm thinking other possibilities could be: bringing lunch to work everyday, making a call to a different, far away friend every night, cooking my way through the Joy of Cooking in a week (I'll show Julie Powell who's boss!), etc.

But for this week... Since we've already made it to hump day and I've accomplished this feat so far, I've decided on this...

Goal: Wear a dress/skirt everyday to work this week.

I wore this beautiful dress on Monday. I fell in love with it at first sight and realized that if I didn't buy it before my vacation, I would definitely convince myself out of it after I see my credit card bill post-vacay.

Isn't it lovely? It looks much better on. I was thinking later into the fall I could pair it with tights and these shoes I picked up at the Nordy's sale.

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  1. Other ideas:
    Sing a song every day
    Write a poem every day
    Send a friend a card every day
    Bake something every day


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