Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The lottery in my pocket

It's one of those things that brings a giant smile to my face and sometimes inspires a little happy dance. Pulling out new season clothing and finding a wad of dough stashed away, completely unaccounted for!

I searched in the depths of my closet and pulled out one of my fave dresses from Banana Republic. I got it as my reward when I first started my job a couple years back; it's wool, gray, has pockets (a huge selling point for me!), super comfy, can be worn with or without a shirt underneath and always gets a few comments when I first bring it out for the season. And it's classic enough to be worn year after year!

Today I like it even more because I didn't just find $1 or $5, but a whoppin' $21! Maybe I'll put this toward my savings for these.

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