Sunday, January 24, 2010

While it's fresh to mind

Here are some of my favorite quotes from my girl's weekend in Sunriver.
  1. "Omigod, I totally loved Freddie Prinze Jr. in highschool. I decoupaged his face on my retainer case."
  2. "Oh, no! I think I'm a flower!" (For context, here's what we were talking about.)
  3. "He asked me if I was 145 and I thought he was guessing my weight or something and I was like, really?! Then I realized he was asking about my snowboard size..."
  4. "Wait, the Indigo Girls are lesbians? I totally thought they were sisters!"

This is just a sampling of the fun and crazy conversations that make me giggle.

More Sunriver stories to come!

The Sunriver Ladies


  1. I haven't made it to SunRiver yet, but it seems like a fabulous weekend! LOVE the quotes!!!!!


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