Friday, January 15, 2010


This weekend couldn't come soon enough. And this is why:

  • It will be kicked off with a Hot Buttered Rum party at Ry Ry's place. (Yummy!)
  • I'm finally going to sneak in another long run with Autumn and Maddie. It's been faaaaar too long.
  • Another 3-day weekend! (leading into a 3-day work week since I'm taking next Friday off for Sunrivah!)
  • I plan on sleeping in. A lot. It'll be magical.
  • Nickybutt and Leanne's Housewarming Party on Saturday! They moved in a couple months back, but now they're officially ready to show off their new pad.
  • Possibly some snowshoeing action on Monday. Perfect activity for a day off, if you ask me. (And I'll be able to check off another 2k10 goal!)
  • Jack Bauer and 24 are back on Sunday! Stephers is going to cook din din for the 24 gang (Holden, Stacey, Team Barrows, Stephers and me) and we're going to watch JB save the world... again.

These ladies are also thinking TGIF. Can't you tell? Aren't their sparkly tops just lovely?!


  1. Those ladies remind me of The Really Big Shoe Entertainment Explosion

  2. You are so right! P.S. The show is scheduled for February 27-28... It's still TBD on whether the team will be making the trek south.


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