Sunday, January 10, 2010

A head above the rest

Aside from the poor gym picture quality, it is clear that Kam is a head above the rest of the kiddos in his basketball league. The thing is, he plays in the 1st-2nd grade division, he's in 1st and still the tallest. (As a reminder, we pretty much wear the same shoe and pant size...)

It was soooo much fun to watch him play on Saturday. He's not too aggressive and just sort of goes with the flow; occassionally looking at the sidelines to ensure that we're all watching, then sheepishly smiles and looks away. (Gosh, he's adorable.)

He made quite a few baskets which resulted in really, really loud "Yeah Kam!"s coming from the stands, particularly from his grandma. I had the same experience with my Grandma Toni. I think it must run in the family :)

This means I'm already making progess my Goal Project 2k10 list. Next up, maybe snowshoeing this weekend?

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