Friday, April 30, 2010

Ahoy, matey!

Spotted today on ye ol' Lake Union is me pirate mateys. It seems, me dear mateys, that today is the first day o' boatin' season. Shiver me timbers! Do y'know what that means, Jack? Aye, it means that I'll have another chance to dodge them ducks.

I'm lookin' at you, me hearty Autumn and RyRy. By the powers, let us find some booty or pieces o' eight! And let's not forget the Jolly Roger... and Davy Jones forbid we forget the rum!

(TGIF, yo-ho-ho)


  1. hahaha, that is awesome! I hope they're still there so I can see them on my commute home this evening

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  3. DUCK DODGE IS GOING TO ROCK YOUR WORLD. Just imagine being amongst those 60 boats in a 16 foot dinghy dodging around and trying not to spill your beer while we tack. It'll be awesome!!

    Ry Ry brought the Thistle up last weekend! It's reaaaaddddyyyyy!

  4. How great! Beautiful blog!

  5. That's pretty freaking cool. Here in Tampa we have a festival called Gasparilla where the pirates descend on our city. Sounds lame maybe but it ROCKS!


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