Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nice one, 92.5.

I'm not gonna lie, I think practical jokes are funny. So you would think that I would be on super-skeptical mode come April 1, right? Not so much. I've been duped bad today.

The best one? So this morning I was listening to Brooke and Monti on 92.5 and heard this little story:
"Another icon in Seattle becomes off limits. The Seattle Space Needle has been bringing visitors to the top of it’s observation deck for the past forty eight years. Soon, it will all be over. Today, the Space Needle corporation has announced plans to close Sky city restaurant and build eight to ten luxury condominiums that will take it’s place."
NO WAY! I thought. They can't do that! Man, I better plan on getting a cocktail up top soon. This sucks. I guess I should have visited the top while I could. I don't think I've gone since I was like 4-years-old. Sad... When I get to work, I tell Kathryn about the news and express my frustration. Then logged onto the website they mentioned:


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