Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I did a good thing

Did I save the world, Jack Bauer style? No. (But how cool would that be?!)

Did I save millions from malaria by providing mosquito nets to everyone who needs them? No.

Did I help an elderly woman cross the street? No.

Did I donate to Haiti Relief? Yes, but that's not what I'm getting to here.

I RAN THIS MORNING. If you remember, I made this a goal to run in the AM, but haven't been too good about it recently. Because, if you also remember, I have a problem with my snooze alarm.

Mornings are not my cup of tea. Yet, often times they require a cup of tea or cup of joe, for that matter. (The beverage, not the bf. But, I guess I'd take both.)

How can so many people actually make the commitment to work out in the morning? I mean, geez, Frances was telling me yesterday that she gyms-it-up 4-5 days a week at her gym downtown. Olita goes to classes at her gym at like 5am. My dad even goes to school early to play basketball at like 4am, plus he has a 40+ minute commute! (I guess I didn't get his early bird gene.)

And once again, the run felt great. Plus, it's done for the day so I can do whatever my little heart desires tonight. Like, for instance, make something out of this little gem.


This is where I ran today. The wobbly feel of the picture appropriately shows the world through my tired eyes this morning.


  1. At 4:01 the alarm goes off. Playing hoops by 5:30 until 6:45. To watch the sun come up is magical. You appreciate it more each year. You may eventually enjoy no appreciate that time in the morning by yourself.


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