Wednesday, April 28, 2010

C is for Cookie

Today, I brought homemade chocolate chip toffee cookies to the office. I thought I'd send out an email to alert the masses, which was quickly followed by what sounded like a stampede of elephants.

Email Subject: Cookies in the kitchen!

For who? YOU!
Why? Because I like you.


I got the usual (and appreciated!) 'thank you' and 'awesome' responses, but my favorite, BY FAR, was this little gem. I think I liked it so much because it came from an unusual suspect.
My inner Cookie Monster thanks you!

What starts with the letter C?
Cookie starts with C ....
(then it linked to this video)

Sidenote: Erika's cookie count for today is 2.5 Considering the amount of batter I ate last night, I don't know how I'm eating cookies today. I suppose I have a bit of a cookie monster inside of me?


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