Friday, April 16, 2010


Things I'm excited for this weekend:
  • My cousin Lynnette's baby shower
  • Carol's bridal shower
  • My shower after running 13 miles (If it feels as good as last week's 12, then it'll be awesome!)
  • Cocktail Par-tay on Saturday night where I plan to shower the host with champagne
  • Planting my garden on Sunday which will be showered next week with rain
  • An evening with my mom where I will shower her with my love (I know, I'm cheesy)

Speaking of showers, isn't this a beautiful shower from Boutwell Studio?



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  2. So so happy you could make it! And my mom said she loved seeing you girls again too! She loves that us three are still such good friends and got to share so many wonderful memories abroad together! :)


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