Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vacation, por favor?

I'm still dreaming a lot about vacation, even though I did take a mini-vacay a couple weeks ago. I think I'm just craving the sun. We had a little teaser this last weekend, but it didn't quite fill the void. I honestly don't know when my season preference changed because I used to be all about winter, but these days, summer is definitely topping the charts. And considering I don't tan, it's even more of a mystery.

At least I have Chelanigans to look forward to in July! And bring on the Green Lake floating!

When and where is your next vacation? (Please don't respond if it's somewhere tropical and for a long period of time. I'll get too jealous.)


  1. I wish, but shockingly I have EVERY weekend full in July. Weddings galore. Plus, remember how hot Vegas was when we went in June?! I think we should look at September or October :) Miss ya!


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