Friday, April 2, 2010


It's Shaggy Friday! What does that mean? Well, don't you think his music just screams Friday? It's upbeat, catchy and has that reggae-no-problem feel to it.

Shaggy made it on to the first 4 or so volumes of SB4P, but there are only so many Shaggy songs to go around. I used to queue my stereo to Shaggy before I left my car in the morning on Fridays, so when I came out and turned it on, the Friday vibes would fill my car (shooby dooby dooby doo boy, shooby doo). I've gotten out of the habit... until Tronics sent me this friendly reminder this morning. Enjoy!

Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Easter!


  1. Ha ha ha! I haven't heard this in aggges, oh it's made me laugh.

    TGIF for sure.

    Have a beautiful weekend, you've got such a pretty blog here!


  2. I think Shaggy has a way of making anyone laugh :) Thanks for reading my blog and for the nice compliment! I'll definitely have to check out yours!


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