Tuesday, November 9, 2010

autumn's happy list

Autumn sent me her happy list, which in turn made me happy. And guess what I'm going to try soon? #2. And maybe the last show on #10. (P.S. I sooo already a Gleek.)

A little mathematical formula about Autumn: Autumn + RyRy + boat of any kind = Bliss. I can't wait to visit them in the South Pacific when they sail around the world. Wouldn't you love to sail around the world?

But, I digress. Autumn's happy list:

  1. Anything that has to do with NannyFamilyBoy. I may sneak over to his home and actually steal him someday. Even when he was crazy I still “wuved” him, actually I think I like him so much because he is a little odd.
  2. Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate (with non-fat milk, only 2 pumps of chocolate and extra salt). I am that annoying coffee order girl, sorry, but it’s just so good that way!
  3. Polaroids.
  4. Making lists and crossing things off of them! So gratifying.
  5. Mountains. Driving through them on the way East, watching the Olympics come out on a gorgeous day, fly-fishing in them, ogling Mt. Rainier on my commute on 99, they are so peaceful and remind me of home.
  6. This song. And banjoes.
  7. Leavenworth. I just can’t get enough of the town. Probably because it is beautiful in the fall, winter, spring and summer and has brought joy to my life from when I was little (annual ice cream cone stop after a week at Camp Fire Camp) to now (Tom 2K6-9). (Erika’s note: Speaking of Leavenworth, did you hear that the nutcracker lady was Conan’s first guest?)
  8. Sailing and boats. Everyone is invited to the South Pacific with Ry Ry and I someday.
  9. I have officially jumped on the legging train. So comfy. So cozy.
  10. My not-so-secret-anymore addiction to TV shows. If you are not watching Community you should be. Same with Glee, Deadwood, Dexter, HIMYM, Mad Men and don’t even get me started on VMars.

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