Friday, November 12, 2010


Happy Friday, everyone!

But more importantly, Happy Birthday, Kamron! I can't believe my adorable little nephew is already 8 years old. The picture above is old, but I just think it's so adorable and shows how he's always trying to be like grandpa. This time with the white beard. Err, really blonde beard? Yes, very, very blonde.

I remember the day Richelle went into labor 8 years ago. I was in Chemistry class and when I got back to the house, everyone was telling me left and right, that I needed to call my parents. Why, I asked. BECAUSE YOUR SISTER IS HAVING A BABY!

What?! She was still 1 month away from her due date. Two seconds later, I get a hold of my dad who says he's 10 minutes away. We fly down to Portland (while I "try" to write my chemistry lab report that is due the next day, which was one of my worst grades ever, but TOTALLY worth it) and before we arrive, we get the call. We didn't make it. Noooo!

Our bouncy baby boy (p.s. why do they call them bouncy babies?) was already here. He turned on Turbo speed and was out in a flash. Though, I'm sure Richelle might disagree that it didn't feel like a flash. But it was really only a matter of hours. Not enough time for us to make it to Portland from Seattle!

So tonight we'll be celebrating with sushi (Kam's fave food. I know, what 8 year old's fave food is SUSHI? More reason to love him) and ice cream cake. Can't wait for the party to start!

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