Friday, November 5, 2010


Happy Friday, all! Can you believe it's already November? I'm still adjusting. I'm not sure how 2010 is flying by so quickly!

So I realized that I never posted pictures from Halloween! My apologies. So for your Friday entertainment, below are some pictures and a couple links that have caught my eye around the web lately.

This is making headlines, but I LOVE how this mom sticks up for her son.

Cute baby in costume alert.

That's all. TGIF!

Peg and Al Bundy. (Look at the similarity!)

It's like opposites attract. Crass Peg and Polite Ballerina.

Medusa, Ballerina, God's Gift to Men (recognize it? it's my costume from last year!) and Peg.


  1. I was a ballerina last year for Halloween -- Love seeing another one out there!!

  2. I kind of wish I was wearing shoes and did something with my arms. Still, though, it got nominated for best costume. Thanks McGee!

  3. I love the wig!! If you pin it up, that could be a good I Love Lucy wig too...hmmm ideas for next year....


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