Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dad meet Buckhunter. Buckhunter meet Dad.

Last Friday, my Dad and I went on a date. For Christmas 2008, I gave him an "experience gift" which meant that I would take him to dinner and a Jazz Alley show. He really likes jazz. It's taken a looong time to get this on the calendar, but we finally found a date. So we did dinner at a Brewery, then headed to Jazz Alley to enjoy the music of the Soul Queen of New Orleans, Irma Thomas. Great voice, but she also was a hoot. I like it when performers bring a little sass to their act.

After the concert, we decided to get a drink somewhere. It didn't take long to decide that we'd head to my local watering hole, 4bs, to have a beer and play one of my fave games - Buck Hunter! Some of you may know, but my Dad is an AVID sportsman. We're talking hunting, fishing, crabbing, you name it. He'll score. (Evidence of his skill here. Isn't that fish GIANT?) But anyway, we went on three safari treks and I'm proud to announce that I kicked his butt!

Now I think my Dad is in negotiations with my mother about purchasing his very own Buck Hunter for his new and improved shop. Or should I call it man cave? I'd support this as long as the man cave allows lady hunters!

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