Thursday, November 11, 2010

dad's happy list

What perfect timing for my Dad to send me his happy list! Do you know why? Because it's Veteran's Day and he is a proud Veteran. (Thanks for your service, Dad!) At his school, he often speaks at the Vet's assembly. He's the rather dapper-looking man in the middle.

It's such a great list! And I'm taking #9 as a hint :)
  1. Waking up and realizing it is Saturday.
  2. A double shot in the dark. No cream or sugar!!! (Erika's note: This is brewed coffee with TWO shots of espresso!)
  3. Being up early enough to see the sunrise. (So NOT like his daughter)
  4. Twelve-year old Scotch or a great Cabernet. (Really hard to choose)
  5. The smell of “salt air” as I approach the home.
  6. Having to “Stomp on the hatch covers” to keep the fish in the hold.
  7. The Jazz weekend dinner at Orvieto, Italy.
  8. Kam spending time with us.
  9. An unexpected phone call from either of my girls. (Need more of them)
  10. A quiet dinner and wine with Koby. (Erika's note: Oooh, how cute Dad!)

Keep em coming, people! I love your lists!

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