Monday, November 22, 2010

christina's happy list

I think Christina's response after putting together her list has been my favorite - she said that she can't help feeling happier. It's so true! When you put together a list of great things, it's like BOOM, smile. Even better, she sent it to Andy (the hubs) and asked for his in return; something to get him excited to come home!

P.S. We celebrated Christina's birthday this weekend and I felt like I was in college all over again. I can't remember the last time I stayed out so late and ordered late night pizza, but it was a blast! Post to come!
  1. Getting actual emails and letters from people I know—especially from a special someone when he’s out at sea (Erika's note: Her hubby, Andy, is finishing up his LAST Navy submarine patrol ever! Hip hip hooray!)
  2. Long phone conversations with faraway friends and family
  3. My friends at work and our ridiculous and random mid-day conversations, emails, distractions
  4. Warm drinks on cold days
  5. Flowers, whether they’re growing in my garden or delivered to my desk (Erika's note: Amen to that. Watching your desk fill up with flowers even makes my day!)
  6. Finding money in my pockets that I didn’t realize was there
  7. Anything chocolate, or peppermint-flavored, or both
  8. Watching the sun rise over Mt. Rainier / Seattle on a clear day
  9. Chick flicks and wine
  10. Food from home, including Texas barbeque, Mexican food, and my dad’s fajitas

Beautiful photo from Kathryn Bradley Photography

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