Wednesday, November 17, 2010

danielle's happy list

They just keep rollin' in! Straight to y'all from the home of Elvis and Beale Street - Memphis, Tennessee! Danielle left the Pacific Northwest a couple years ago to discover the cure for cancer at the University of Tennessee (her program is based in Memphis, even though the school is in Knoxville). #7 is making me crave something warm for my tummy on this gray Seattle day. Miss you, Danielle!

  1. Leggings and boots!
  2. Being still long enough to watch leaves fall from the trees.
  3. Coffee :) (P.S. People in Memphis look at me funny when I order coffee, apparently its too complicated for them. Silly creatures.)
  4. Rainy days spent curled up with a blanket and a good book and my kitties cuddled next to me.
  5. My family, especially my little sister! (Last night I helped her with her homework over the phone, she's growing up so fast.)
  6. A long run on a brisk, sunny day.
  7. Homemade soup
  8. An experiment that goes the way I want it to! (Yes, I'm a nerd)
  9. "Book Club", which is just a fancy name for a night of cocktails with good friends.
  10. Getting compliments about all the weight I've lost! 20 lbs down! (Erika's note: Wowza, that's awesome! Congrats, D!)


  1. Yes!! I can't wait to read it! I have a funny feeling that there will be something related to Giada, Italy and Nick :)

  2. Amen to number 7!!!
    I love homemade soup! And soup from the can does the job in a pinch too - I'm not picky when it comes to soup.


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