Friday, November 19, 2010

kathryn's happy list

Kathryn made my day today when she told me that she would be sending along her happy list. Can I get a what, what? As with others, she couldn't stop at just 10, so you have 3 bonus happy sentiments. I'm kind of in love with #12. And I have a weakness for cute dad things, so I like #11 too.

P.S. Don't you just love this photo of Kathryn and her hubby, Pat?!

Enjoy her list and have a fabulous weekend!
  1. Soy lattes on cold Seattle mornings (or anytime really!).
  2. Getting back from a photo session and eagerly downloading the images.
  3. When a package arrives for me at work, even though I know exactly what I ordered. (Erika's note: I'm usually just as excited when Kathryn gets a package at the office!)
  4. My tan lines that remind me of our recent trip to Hawaii (and finding little grains of sand while unpacking my suitcase!).
  5. When hubby warms up my side of the bed for me before I get in at night.
  6. Opening the office fridge to find ice cold Diet Pepsi (Costco delivery day is the best!).
  7. CHRISTMAS! My favorite time of the year…shopping for the perfect gifts, baking cookies, drinking Gl├╝hwein, decorating the tree and sneaking kisses by the fire.
  8. My new brown boots.
  9. Getting comments on my blog posts. (Erika's note: Please check out her blog. Unless, of course, you don't like looking at beautiful photos. In which case, you are a little weird.)
  10. Crossing things off my “life” list.
  11. My dad’s newfound discovery of Facebook messages (he now writes one to me every morning with the date in the subject line and some kind of motivational message…it’s very cute).
  12. Saturday afternoon cocktail hour at the Bradley residence...this includes us putting on sweats, making martinis and appetizers, and toasting to not having kids (not because we don’t want kids someday, but because we know this won’t be an activity we’ll have the luxury of enjoying once they come along!).
  13. My husband, my family and my friends—especially this time of year when I find myself reflecting on all the blessings in my life for which I am so grateful.

Beautiful photo by Moxie Images

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