Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are you going to take the picture?

I'm sure you've had one of these moments. You think someone is taking a picture, so you flash a cheesy grin at the camera.

Keep smiling, keep smiling, wonder why the picture hasn't been taken yet. Leaning toward the camera, ready to give up on the picture even if he looks like he's just about to take one...

Seconds later: "It's in movie mode."

Awesome. My coolness caught on video.

Even cooler? Maddie and Benny singing karaoke to Toto's Africa. Good times at the Waterwheel.

Sidenote: I know you are all just dying to hear the play-by-play of the marathon, but I'm sourcing the archives to entertain you for now. A lot of work to be done and not a lot of time - it's the name of the game here.

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