Thursday, June 24, 2010


Good beer. Check.
Good company. Check.
Good food. Check.
Good weather.... no check.

For Father's Day, my mom and I took my dad to the Washington Brewers Festival. While the weather didn't exactly cooperate, we still had a blast.

My dad had some "connections" so we basically had unlimited tokens for tasters. In other words, after mom said she'd drive, dad and I tasted our little hearts away.

My favorites were:
Iron Horse hefeweizen
Lazy Boy pepper beer (so odd tasting, but still good)
Rock Bottom raspberry wheat
And a blonde and an oatmeal stout that I can't remember the names of. But really good.

Cheers, Dad!

The brew crew.


  1. I've never made it to the beer festival. I think I would enjoy it! Looks like a great time!

  2. Yes, definitely check it out next year. I know Fremont has a couple fun beer-type festivals during the summer too!


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