Monday, June 21, 2010

crying baby + dad wanting to stop crying + magical idea = stuck in crib.

In honor of Father's Day being yesterday, I present you this adorable little video.

I can imagine my dad doing the same thing and I can imagine my response being the same as well. (Where do you think you're going? Stay right here.)

When I have more time, I'll tell you about all the fun my Dad, Mom and I had at the Washington Brewers Festival in Kenmore yesterday.

Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day, Super Dad! And thanks for being the designated driver, Mom! Especially after the hefty donation to our token stash, thanks to Mr. Beer Commissioner himself.


  1. I just laughed the whole time. I've never thought of that!!! It was super tricky to wait for the right moment to leave and stop rubbing PT's back when he went down for naps...too soon, even if you are bored, and he's up and crying. Loved that one.

  2. You would just fall asleep on the on my chest as I laid on the bed. You must have liked to hear the heart beat. Once you went to sleep,I could pick you up a lay you down. Many times I would just take the nap too. Gave me an excuse for the afternoon nap!!


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